Printed letters from Ebenefits

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Printed letters from Ebenefits

Postby The Godfather » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:56 pm

Tips and Tricks: If you are 100% IU and/or not P&T ... as far as showing the local government your proof of 100% for tax exempt status or licenses, many local officials will not understand why a letter states 100% and another percentage less than 100% on the same letter or why it does not explicitly say "Permanent".
Most letters showing a Veteran's disability ratings will show both the 100% and the lower 'real combined rating' if the person is IU. The way around this little misunderstanding is to print the "Benefit Summary - Veteran Benefits" from eBenefits Letters section.
DE-SELECT the options to print "Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 70%" - or whatever percentage yours is.
Now, print this official and signed letter and only show this to local government people. This should save you hours of explanations.

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