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Unable To Work? You May Qualify
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Social security

Postby The Godfather » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:49 pm

I have only worked to get veterans SSDI that already had a VA claim started
. ( dont wait to get your VA rating before applying if you can not work ... i did not ) So this by no means is the correct way to go about getting SSDI.
Its does work with great results

SSDI( social security disability insurance) and SSI ( supplemental security income) are two financial programs through the government. SSI is based on income and SSDI is disability insurance. Most veterans who are unable to work would apply for SSDI. When you apply for one you actually apply for both but the focus of this post will be on prepping for SSDI.

My best luck was to actually walk into the local SS office and apply in person.

items to bring:
1. ID
2. SS card
3. SS card(s) of dependents'
4. VA award letter
5. Findings form VA C&P Exams
6. Make sure SS office labels you as " causality of war " during the application process
7. Make an account online (optional)

The C&P exams findings are can be obtained from the facility that the exams was conducted. Ask where records office is. Tell them the approximate date of the exam and sign the release .. it takes a few days to get .. The C&P exam findings are not required for the application for SSDI but social security doesn't have to wait for the VA to send paperwork and SS can sometimes rule on the exam findings and save a step.

Tip: If it is a busy office and you can not wait around. Call the local office .. make an appointment

Tip: Tell them you are a vet and many times they will pair you with a vet

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