CRSC and Chapter 61

New System That Combines Military Retirement With VA Rating
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CRSC and Chapter 61

Postby The Godfather » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:13 pm

The process of retiring from the military medical is terribly confusing and it has tons of misinformation. I have gone through the IDES process ... IDES is the system that combines the VA rating system with the military retirement process....

Terms used:

(CRSC) provides special compensation to retirees who have retired pay
reduced because of receiving U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation

CRSC explained: ... ation.html

CRSC Calculator: ... RZcUMTQfHA

Special Compensation Branch
 Contact via Email

Phone Number:

TERA retirees include anyone who retired under the Temporary Early Retirement Act.
Offers early retirement to service-members with at least 15 to 19 years of service.

TERA AKA chapter 61 ... Retirement

If you qualify for early retirement under Chapter 61 you receive your retirement as if you went the full 20 years
If you are a reservist you do not need to wait till age 60 to receive retirement monies.
You CAN NOT receive VA Comp and retirement monies simultaneously . You may be able to get a offset by taking advantage of CRSC

FYI If you retire under Chapter 61 your retirement monies come from the VA ,, not DFAS

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